Axon Fleet 3

Drive the future of in-car video

Fleet 3 takes the wheel on integrated camera capabilities.

Modernize your in-car capabilities

Axon Fleet 3 is an advanced in-car video system designed to boost safety, transparency, and efficiency with mobile ALPR, real-time awareness features, and deep integrations with connected technologies.

ALPR, anywhere

Turn your fleet into a dynamic network of plate-reading cameras. With Fleet 3, every vehicle has ALPR capabilities, enabling crime-solving at a fraction of the time.

Clear evidence, inside and out

Our dual-view camera records a clear panoramic view and integrates a 4K ALPR camera covering three traffic lanes. The interior camera is just as robust, capturing a knee-to-head occupant view with IR for night view.

In-car in real-time

Power real-time awareness, gain critical information and visibility into unfolding scenes, and protect officers and responders with live capabilities including alerts, live maps and live streaming.

Connected to the Ecosystem

Fleet 3 integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Axon ecosystem, helping agencies act on evidence to drive safer, more efficient outcomes.

See if a Ferrari can outrun our ALPR technology

Axon Fleet 3’s ALPR helps keep communities safe

driving more than 12,200 felony arrests in one year across the US and Canada.

Grand Prairie Fleet

The rapidly growing city of Grand Prairie Texas has over 200,00 residents but would see nearly 1,00,000 vehicles pass through daily. The PD turned to Axon Fleet 3.

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Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office shares the impact of ALPR on operations.

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