The future of tactical reconnaissance

Sky-Hero by Axon's robotic solutions enhance indoor scouting and decision-making

Revolutionize your tactical reconnaissance capabilities

Sky-Hero specializes in tactical uncrewed ground vehicles (UGVs), uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) and cameras to accelerate data acquisition and improve surveillance. With Sky-Hero, ensure situational awareness in high-risk scenarios and minimize officer risk.

Enhance situational awareness

In GPS-denied and confined indoor settings, maintaining situational awareness is paramount. With Sky-Hero, operators can effectively gather real-time intelligence to make informed decisions in critical situations.

Improve operator safety

Missions in confined indoor settings can be particularly dangerous. With Sky-Hero, operators can gather critical information from a distance, reducing their exposure to potential threats and hazards.

Offer deployment flexibility

With Sky-Hero, proactively meet mission requirements and bolster safety ahead of intervention teams.

Provide high-quality intel

With Sky-Hero by Axon, advanced sensors collect high-quality reconnaissance data, aiding in precise mission planning and execution.

Experience the Sky-Hero by Axon advantage in action - precision, reliability, and unparalleled performance

Sky-Hero's Robotic Suite revolutionizes interior deployments,

swiftly delivering vital information in any high-risk scenario with rapid deployment and versatility trusted by 500+ agencies worldwide

“Sky-Hero's tactical robotics are our go-to for crucial missions, consistently exceeding expectations, offering unmatched reliability and rapid deployment revolutionizing our surveillance tactics.”
“With Sky-Hero robots, arrests are safer for both officers and suspects. Integrating the entire robotic system has optimized our tactics, making our missions more successful."
A police drone hovers in the foreground on a sunny day. A police officer stands behind it and next to a vehicle with its emergency lights on.
"Facing high-risk threats, precise reconnaissance is vital. Sky-Hero safeguards officers in dangerous operations, proving invaluable."

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