Axon VR Training

Train for the reality of today — and tomorrow

Axon VR Training empowers officers to respond more confidently in the field.

Develop higher-performing officers

Empower officers with the skills to navigate complex real-world scenarios through immersive content and state-of-the-art technology, enabling them to train anytime, anywhere.

Axon VR Platform Components

Community Engagement Training

Develop skills, empathy and de-escalation tactics and gain confidence in responding to calls with community members, victims in crisis, and individuals experiencing a mental health episode.

Simulator Training

Hone TASER energy device skills, including target assessment, speed, accuracy and confidence under stress.

Axon Academy

Streamline facilitation and reinforce the skills acquired in virtual reality with a comprehensive library of supplementary e-learning content and training materials.

True-to-life TASER training

Axon VR is the most efficient and cost-effective method available for use of TASER energy weapons.

Unlock learning potential with microtraining

Enhance learning efficiency and knowledge retention through on-demand training in short, focused and frequent sessions.

Unparalleled immersion and realism

Improve critical decision-making skills, confidence, and accuracy under stress.

Enhanced training efficiency

Build muscle memory and train to proficiency without the need for extensive training time and live cartridge consumption.

Immersive Training Platform: Anytime. Anywhere.

Axon VR immerses trainees in realistic scenarios prior to their field deployment,

inducing comparable stress responses and enhancing muscle memory development throughout their training.

"Officers can be immersed in a virtual range anytime, anywhere, deploy hundreds of cartridges, and it doesn’t cost you anything."
“Everything from domestic violence to mental health, to behavioral health, you name it, our officers are getting world-class training“

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