Protect more lives in more places

The public safety operating system for Australia

Revolutionise real-time operations
From connected cameras to real-time camera centres, gain better situational awareness and improve response strategies.
Enhance trust, capture truth
From connected body cameras to in-car fleet cameras, gain better situational awareness and tell the full story.
Stop a threat without taking a life
A new era in less-lethal technology is here with TASER 10 and Axon VR Training.
Take to the skies
Protect against aerial threats and deploy drones as first responders (DFR) with Axon’s end-to-end drone solution for public safety.
Safeguard communities with smarter tech
Protecting life means safeguarding people in all public spaces including shopping centres, healthcare facilities, stadiums and more.

Axon Week 2024 Keynote

Hear about new and exciting product announcements, Fusus by Axon's real-time crime center, our moonshot goal and more in Axon CEO & Founder Rick Smith's Opening Keynote.

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