De-escalate with confidence

TASER 7 is the smartest and most tested de-escalation device in the world.

Enhance your de-escalation tactics and provide officers with confidence in every situation

TASER 7 offers standoff and close-quarters capabilities, improved probes for better connection, and provides enhanced integration to the Axon network for optimized workflows, inventory, and evidence management.

Close-range optimized

TASER 7 offers a close quarters (CQ) cartridge that provides a 93% increased probe spread at close range, along with adaptable laser sights to help you hit your target.

Improved probes

TASER 7 probes fly straighter and faster with nearly twice the kinetic energy for better connection to the target, and the body of the probes breaks away to allow for attainment at tough angles.

Dock & walk system

Simply dock batteries to recharge, download firmware updates and upload device logs to Axon Evidence.

Adaptive cross-connect

Electricity is intentionally driven between all contacts to help compensate for close probe spreads or clothing disconnects.

See all the TASER 7 features in action

TASER 7 improves close-range effectiveness over earlier models and

seamlessly integrates with the Axon Ecosystem of Devices and Sensors.

"[Officers] report being able to focus on target much more quickly with the new laser dot system."
"How TASER 7 functions within the Axon Ecosystem was a big selling point for us [...] everything works together.”
“Having the freedom and the capability just to grab the battery and go is invaluable.”

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