Axon for Fire & EMS

Safety, efficiency and assurance for every call

An advanced ecosystem for Fire & EMS

Capture the full scene on video

Record from arrival to departure with Axon’s connected in-car and body-worn cameras. Gain a full perspective of your crew’s response and enhance decision-making with livestreaming and real-time alerts.

Improve the investigation process

Easily upload, manage, and share video during investigations with Axon Evidence. Configure the system to fit your processes with adjustable retention policies, user permissions, and more. Store other files, including photos and CCTV footage and share directly with law enforcement officials and attorneys.

Enhance training & efficiency

Gain an unprecedented view of the frontline to increase transparency and performance. Review footage to assess responses and enhance training practices.

Why Axon?

Protect life and property

EOCs, EMS and fire departments that use body-worn and in-car camera systems can reduce risk from assault, injuries and lawsuits.

Manage all types of digital evidence

Store other files, including photos and CCTV footage, and share directly with law enforcement and attorneys.

Save time when it matters most

As the smoke clears, the Axon network is ready to capture, document, and review what occurred at a fire scene. Recording walkthroughs of investigations provides a seamless workflow that saves time and provides superior documentation.

Respond in real time

Live stream directly to the EOC with bi-directional communications straight from body-worn or in-car cameras.

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