Axon Air

The end-to-end drone solution for public safety

Aerial Response to Protect Life.

Optimize response, coverage and safety

Axon Air provides secure, wireless livestreaming and remote piloting capabilities, enabling critical situational awareness and improved outcomes. Integrated evidence and program management increase operational efficiency across public safety agencies.

Real-time aerial situational awareness

Wireless livestreaming to Axon Respond enables effective decision-making, improved de-escalation practices, and better outcomes for public safety and the communities they serve.

Remote Piloting (DFR)

Axon Air Remote enables public safety agencies to remotely deploy and operate drones in emergencies, giving first responders a real-time view of what’s happening before they arrive at the scene.

Integrated cloud-based digital evidence management

Seamless integration with Axon Evidence ensures integrity throughout the chain of custody.

Comprehensive program management

Easily manage your pilots, flight logs, data and hardware to build a more accountable, transparent drone program.

Axon Air is the end-to-end drone solution for public safety.

Axon Air enhances response, coverage and safety, leading to

improved outcomes for public safety personnel and the communities they protect.

“Axon Air took us from only being able to livestream on a few drones to being able to livestream from any drone whenever we wanted.”
“The Axon Air Remote platform allows us to have a seamless connection in our public safety network."
“The Axon Air software platform and the drones it supported were unlike anything we had ever seen before.”

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