Axon for Federal Enforcement Agencies

A robust ecosystem to help keep communities safe

An advanced ecosystem for Federal Agencies

Protect Life

High stress decision making is common when carrying out many duties in the field. Historically, officers faced these situations with binary force options. Today, with our Energy Weapons, TASERs, officers have an intermediate force option that improves officer safety and protects life.

Protect Truth

When officers are in complex operating environments, our Axon body worn cameras serve as a rugged communications beacon that provides real-time active intelligence back to command.

Accelerate Justice

No matter the location, our Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) can securely ingest and store any digital evidence collected from the field. With an intuitive experience, you can be confident in a streamlined workflow of all your agency’s digital evidence.

Why Axon?

Enhanced evidence collection

The real-time streaming capabilities, enhanced low-light performance, and seamless integration into Axon’s digital evidence management system has made Axon Body 4 the premier choice for Federal Law Enforcement.

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Less-lethal for Federal

TASER 10 is the most advanced energy weapon yet. With a maximum range of 13 meters and 10 individually targeted probes, TASER 10 ensures precision and effectiveness in every encounter. Its innovative features reduce the need for lethal force, promoting safer resolutions and enhancing officer and community safety.

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Never miss a moment

Increase coverage for critical incidents with up to 5 mounted in-car cameras and a POV attachment to get your responders hands out of footage.

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