Axon for Prison & Probation

World-class technologies that enhance safety

Axon provides rapidly advancing, world-class technologies to promote officer safety, offender safety and public safety across the Prison & Probation spectrum, directly supporting prisons, probation and parole, and juvenile justice.

A comprehensive ecosystem for Prison & Probation

Improving officer safety

The presence alone of TASER devices and body camera technologies can reduce the likelihood of violence and de-escalate tense situations. In fact, one major police force documented that 84% of 23,000 incidents required only the display of the TASER Energy Device to end the confrontation and gain compliance.

Committed to offender safety

Rehabilitation, the highest calling of Prison & Probation, rises from a foundation of safe and secure environments for all. Axon's technologies reduce uses of force and, where force is necessary, dramatically reduce harm to the offender.

Promoting community safety

We support your mission of ensuring the safety of the public through humane and effective containment. Our technologies were built to help you champion the best practices for making certain that offenders are expertly monitored and secure.

Why Axon?

Capture more truth

Body cameras improve inmate and officer interactions and help to de-escalate incidents on the premises.

Reduce injuries to COs and inmates

TASER devices are key to de-escalating potentially violent interactions. The TASER 10 offers an impressive range of over 13 meters of distance, creating more time and space to stop a threat.

One connected system

Save time with a connected ecosystem of devices and tools, including body-worn and in-car cameras, drones, weapons and sensors, seamless evidence ingestion with audit trails, records management and more.

Data driven results

Axon’s connected, smart technology provides the inputs and analysis for Prison & Probation leaders to make data-informed decisions, track program impact and ROI, and measure and train towards desired outcomes.

Comprehensive training and policy

Smart devices and performance metrics are key inputs that allow leading DOC training teams to learn from each incident and iterate methods and policies to improve outcomes. When paired with purpose built virtual reality training modules for corrections, officers can feel empowered to respond and de-escalate with confidence.

The Axon Ecosystem For Prison & Probation

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