Managing & Sharing Data

When incidents need to be managed and shared securely, quickly and efficiently with law enforcement, the Axon Data Management Platform makes it easy.

A Proliferation of Data Provides Opportunities and Challenges

The world runs on data. Your customers want more data. Every modern business is powered by data. Sharing data digitally with law enforcement agencies is becoming increasingly critical. Data is the key to unlocking new insights and efficiencies that allow security companies to remain competitive.

Gaining Certainty and Efficiency


The Axon cloud platform provides automated video ingestion and auto-tagging that makes data management simple, video redaction that makes it easy to address privacy concerns, and an iron-clad audit trail that proves chain of custody. Data sharing is as easy as the click-of-a-button with users on and off the Axon platform, and infinitely scalable storage means hanging onto all your important data is no longer a concern.

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