Safety and 

Axon provides effective de-escalation tools so you can gain certainty in the field. Body-worn cameras and Conducted Electrical Weapons provide a strong deterrent that often negates the need for force, and provides a non-lethal option when force is necessary. ​

Safety is Your Primary Concern

Safety of your officers and employees is your primary concern. How do you guarantee it? How are lone, nighttime or remote officers equipped to handle the dangers of the job? Ensuring safety without lethal means is absolutely critical in today’s litigious environment.

The Leading Non-lethal Option


A conductive energy weapon that offers security teams a proven option for de-escalating threats as the safest and most effective less lethal option in the history of public safety. TASER 7 has become ubiquitous in policing, existing within 18,000+ law enforcement agencies after 25 years of field use and evolution. It is a powerful de-escalation tool for security.

Drive Better Behavior


Axon body cameras drive better behavior and provide indisputable documentation of any incidents. 
Our rugged, proven cameras have an error proof UI that requires minimal training and automates the capture and upload of data. ​

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