Quality Control

Then Axon Network drives quality and compliance through insight and transparency into employee behavior, operations, processes and failures.

QA/QC Made Easy

With video insights into any failures or sub-optimal processes, it's simple to pinpoint the cause for quality problems and quickly remediate them.

Eliminate Process Uncertainty

Stop guessing what is causing process or workflow failure that leads to low quality products and goods. Whether it's on the manufacturing line or in the warehouse, video data full of rich content makes it easy to quickly understand points of failure.

Share Quality Best Practices

Aggregating video onto the Axon Platform encourages information sharing between teams, operators and facilities. The Axon data management platform makes it easy to share best practices and quality information across multiple organizations and sites.

Connected Video Solutions

Axon's smart body cameras and video management platform make it easy to drive better outcomes in your operation

Axon Body 3

Our flagship camera provides indusputable video documentation and certainty

Axon Data Platform

The Axon Platform provides automated highly secure and compliant data management and storage

Axon Flex 2

The leading head mount option that provides additional flexible mounting options and a point of view look into incidents

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