Axon Data Platform

Streamline how you ingest, manage and share video data

A scalable and intuitive data management platform for the enterprise

Break down data silos

With expansive ingest, smooth playback, and intuitive search, the Axon platform makes it simple to connect and manage your growing stores of data—video, photos, documents and more—in a single, secure system.

Data management that keeps getting smarter

Easily manage data at scale with capabilities that include bulk actions, access controls, and automated suggestions. And save time with efficiency tools like AI-based redaction and transcription.

New insights at lightning speed

Dive deeper into your data and get clearer insights into where data was collected over time. Review optimized reporting metrics and review metrics in near-real time with Axon Performance.

Sharing made simple

Grant access to external partners or share content with a secure link. Easily restrict access control so only those who need to see it can.

Key Features
Key Features

Broad File Support

Automated Redaction

Audit Trails


Automatic Transcription

One-click Search

Configurable Retention

Mobile Integration

Axon Performance Add-On

Analytics and Audit Tools

Customizable User Permissions

Data Encryption