Axon For Logistics

Axon body worn-cameras make it easy to ensure performance, compliance and safety - whether it's on the floor, in the field or moving through the supply chain.

Logistics Solutions

Axon monitoring capabilities enable easy tracking of cargo and assets through the supply chain. The real-time operations platform connects data from multiple sites into a single pane of glass.

Monitoring and Transparency

Axon body-worn cameras provide indisputable incident documentation in a rugged and easy-to-use form factor.

Ingesting and Storing Large Data Sets

The Axon Network automates ingestion, sorting and tagging of data. The highly scalable Axon cloud platform makes storage of huge volumes of data a breeze.

Managing and Sharing Data

Axon enables streamlined management of data, on a platform that is connected into one of the largest law enforcement networks in the world.

Adding Certainty to Operations

Whether it’s employee safety, loss prevention or compliance and regulatory concerns, Axon can add more insight into processes and operations.

QA/QC Monitoring

Axon cameras drive quality and compliance through insight and transparency into employee behavior, operations, facility status, and incidents. Video provides data that can be used for quality control and the Axon data management platform makes it easy to share quality information across multiple organizations and sites.


Regulatory and compliance standards require regular inspection that can be costly if not completed on time and up to par. Live streaming capabilities enable quality inspectors to be onsite to ensure QA/QC without having to physically be on site.

Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention

Video data is a powerful loss prevention tool, removing any he says/she says scenarios from the equation. It is equally beneficial for tracking employee theft or negligence that leads to loss and for confirming delivery and quality of goods from suppliers.


Video is an effective training tool to share best practices or dangerous mistakes made in real-world scenarios that can be used to more effectively and quickly train new employees.

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