Axon For Mining

Axon cameras and alerting capabilities help mining operations keep track of the security and status of people and assets.

Mining Solutions

Axon cameras and sensors make it easy to keep track of the safety and productivity of your people and ensure the efficiency and safety of your important assets.Drone cameras make it easy to capture site status for large or multiple sites.

Monitoring and Transparency

Axon body-worn cameras provide indisputable incident documentation in a rugged and easy-to-use form factor.

Ingesting and Storing Large Data Sets

The Axon Network automates ingestion, sorting and tagging of data. The hihgly scalable Axon cloud platform makes storage of huge volumes of data a breeze.

Managing and Sharing Data

Axon enables streamlined management of data, on a platform that is connected into one of the largest law enforcement networks in the world.

Adding Certainty to Operations

Whether it’s employee safety, loss prevention or compliance and regulatory concerns, Axon can add more insight into processes and operations.

Site Monitoring

Get visibility into site progress, safety and security. Align best practices and centralize workflows across each project. Learn from each site by identifying how optimizing consistent quality helps increase asset production.

Loss Prevention

Valuable minerals and metals have always been at risk from on the job theft. The presence of body cameras makes theft less likely in the first place and makes it easy to track any missing assets in case loss odes occur.

Safety Management

Whether it's tracking adherence to safety standards or using video for safety traning, Axon makes it easier to adhere to company and MSHA safety standards.


Video is an effective training tool to share best practices or dangerous mistakes made in real-world scenarios that can be used to more effectively and quickly train new employees.

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