Protect Life in Real Time: New real-time crime center capabilities in the Axon ecosystem
Protect Life in Real Time: New real-time crime center capabilities in the Axon ecosystem

Axon For Pharmaceutical

Leverage connected body cameras for contamination tracing, identifying errors on the manufacturing line, and for insight into drug movement through the supply chain.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Axon solutions for pharmaceutical enable monitoring and security of high value drug batches as they are being manufactured all the way through the supply chain to pharmacies.

Monitoring and Transparency

Axon body-worn cameras provide indisputable incident documentation in a rugged and easy-to-use form factor.

Ingesting and Storing Large Data Sets

The Axon Network automates ingestion, sorting and tagging of data. The highly scalable Axon cloud platform makes storage of huge volumes of data a breeze.

Managing and Sharing Data

Axon enables streamlined management of data, on a platform that is connected into one of the largest law enforcement networks in the world.

Adding Certainty to Operations

Whether it’s employee safety, loss prevention or compliance and regulatory concerns, Axon can add more insight into processes and operations.

Contamination Traceability

Verify proper line cleaning and setup. If there are any discrepancies, quickly pinpoint the source to eliminate the need to scrap entire batches.

Remote Auditing

Satisfy strict pharmaceutical compliance and audit requirements without inspectors having to be on-site or in clean rooms.

Drug Tracking

Ensure high value drugs are not tampered with and quickly track any lost assets with a high resolution point of view provided by Axon connected cameras.


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