Axon Investigate

iNPUT-ACE is now Axon Investigate, a simple, fast and forensically-sound solution to video evidence challenges.

Why Axon Investigate?

Protect Truth

Improper playback software can alter video evidence and impede investigations. Axon Investigate allows you to review footage from more third-party proprietary video formats than any other solution on the market and provides immediate access to original metadata including date, time, image numbers, etc.

40% More Productivity

More than 80% of investigations involve video evidence. Axon Investigate dramatically improves the video investigation process, saving officers up to 10 hours per week by providing simple, fast and repeatable workflows.

Don't Miss a Thing

Manage and organize hundreds of video sources into one project, track activity, tag relevant events, extract available video and create court-ready deliverables in standard, lossless formats.

Testify with Confidence

Axon Investigate is built by a team of certified, forensic video analysts and ensures that investigators view original video evidence and share accurate copies ready for court. Users can even bring Axon Investigate into the courtroom and play full screen, zoomed or looped video evidence for the trier of fact while on the stand.

Axon Investigate in Action

Watch this Short Demo Video:

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Axon Investigate solved the issue we were facing with ease, this easily saved us 10’s of hours and added a layer of integrity we would not have had if we were forced to process the video another way.
Captain James Evans
/Racine County Sheriff's Office
Key Features
Key Features

Drag, Drop and Accurately Play Thousands of Video Formats

Batch Convert Proprietary Video to Standard Formats

Organize Video Investigations

Support for New File Formats

Correct the Timing

Create Reports with the Narrative Report Tool (available in Pro)

Produce Demonstrative Exhibits (available in Pro)

Enhance (available in Pro)

Play Video Side-by-Side (available in Pro)

Camera Match Overlay (available in Pro)

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