Axon now offers community engagement & research tools.

Innovative feedback loops connecting police and communities

Build bridges between the community and the police with data-driven technology that improves communication, operational insights, and public safety

Ongoing feedback helps cultivate community trust

Post contact interaction surveys: eponymous post-contact data collection to measure procedural justice based on officer interactions.

Officer Surveys Confidential surveys to assess organizational stress, wellness and training opportunities.

Data analysis & consulting Actionable insights and recommendations from de-identified data.

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Fairfax County Police Department

My90 is working with the Fairfax County Police Department to engage the public, collect feedback, and build trust following service calls.

How anonymous data can help


Immediately engage stakeholders in meaningful, measurable ways. Roll out anonymous surveys to community members and officers within 72 hours.


Incorporate data, engagement, and transparency on an ongoing basis. Post-contact data collection and baseline polls help you hear from officers and residents


My90 de-identifies survey responses so that community members and officers alike are willing to share honest feedback about sensitive issues.


Publish de-identified survey results to build trust with the public, create a dialogue, and measure progress over time.


Use surveys that generate constructive feedback and actionable insights. Identify specific ways to improve trust, safety, and equity when police contact occurs.


Leverage technology and data science to complement your existing strategies and deepen your impact.

We are excited to invest in technology that fosters trust between public safety officers and the communities they are sworn to protect

Rick Smith, Axon CEO and Founder

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