VR: More Than Gaming, it’s a Game-Changer for Public Safety

Jun 18, 2021

"We talk a lot about the embodiment of real empathy," Williams said. "It is more impactful when you are training in 360 degrees, and being able to see a different perspective in a situation that provides the full experience — it's so much more than web training. We've even discovered that you don't need perfectly rendered 3D environments for it to leave an imprint on someone."
"An officer could intervene in a domestic violence situation differently after experiencing this kind of training," Murphy explained. "I couldn't be more proud that we are developing a product that can change or save someone's life."
“We're pioneers,” Jada said. ”We're bringing change to an important industry, and it's crucial to find those individuals who are willing to step out on a ledge to try something new.“