Axon Citizen becomes Axon Community Request

Dec 28, 2022

Did you know? In the justice system, physical evidence refers to tangible evidence from crime scenes, such as bullet casings, clothing, finger prints, tire marks, personal artifacts and more. Digital evidence refers to information that is recovered from cameras, computer hard drives, mobile phones, e-mails, and more.
Public poll: Widespread support of evidence sharing: Axon recently conducted an independent study that polled the US public on how they feel about providing home camera system footage to law enforcement for specific investigations. Nearly 77% of people polled support the idea of allowing community members to share footage from home camera systems and 72% support the idea of law enforcement being able to proactively request footage to help with specific investigations.
The Queensland Police in Australia have used this technology succesfully, including its assistance in convicting an individual in a specific investigation related to grand theft of an automobile. The Queensland Police have reported that, in just a year, they have received over 200,000 pieces of evidence via Axon Citizen that have aided over 10,000 open investigations of serious offenses, including the most violent crimes.