Safe Journeys: Women in Policing

Safe Journeys is a new series that unveils the humanity behind public safety, as men and women share their journey of protection, empathy, resilience and who they are beyond the badge.

Mar 04, 2024

“The old adage was when you come to work, leave your problems at home. But people aren’t robots, it’s important we look at the whole person and accept that we all have issues. I’m 54 and going through menopause. I’ve been part of a group trying to talk about that at work and break the taboo.”
“(My daughter is) 16 now but when I first started in the academy she was one. And my husband worked night shifts with the city of Vancouver and it was very difficult.” Baker shared that family commitments often keep women in Canada from vying for promotions at work. “It’s added responsibility on top of their already very important responsibilities at home.”
“Wherever I’m posted I make sure I have impact. I make sure I develop some initiative that makes a change at that place – ‘Mable is here, this has happened because of her.’ I want to be the Inspector General of Police one day, I’m still fighting on.”