Axon Dispatch

A faster, more informed CAD experience.

Upgrade your expectations of CAD with a real-time operations platform

Rapidly coordinate informed responses

Axon Dispatch is a cloud-based computer-aided dispatch platform that harnesses unified communications and situational awareness for faster responses and safer outcomes.

Powerful search

Dispatchers can find relevant prior events by inputting parameters, like dates, event-types, and even keyword searches.

Real-time situational awareness built-in

Harnessing data from sensors in the field, dispatchers can stay in the know about potential escalations or the need for backup.

Connect with critical systems

Access the information you need with the least effort whether it’s federal, state or local databases, field sensors, an RMS system or other sources of truth.

Agile ESRI-powered mapping

Easily create, modify, and maintain GIS data with more consistent accuracy.

Axon Dispatch empowers dispatchers and responders to

accomplish more with less effort.

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