Axon Respond

Real-time situational awareness through your Axon devices

Connected capabilities to gain critical information in real-time.

Collaborate to make informed decisions

When activated with Respond, Axon devices enable officers, supervisors, dispatchers, and other responders to get the right information at the right time through alerts, automatic activation, live streaming and streamlined communication tools.

Get the complete picture

Axon Respond’s web and mobile experience integrates location data and video feeds from your Axon devices to give you a complete picture of evolving situations on any device anywhere.

Real-time support

Support teams can communicate with officers, or receive a request to live stream in from an officer's Watch Me button to lend additional guidance.

A police officer wearing an Axon Body 4 camera with POV attachment takes a witness statement at sunset.

Efficient resource planning

Axon Respond capabilities offer better visibility into developing incidents, such as large events, to efficiently deploy resources.

Flexible situational awareness

Respond service offers real-time alerts and live locations through LTE connectivity, while Respond+ takes it a step further with live streaming, Priority Evidence Upload, automatic activation, bidirectional communications and Watch Me.

Leverage real-time data for greater safety and efficiency,

from planning tactical responses to adapting to quickly-developing calls for service.

“We used Axon Respond to locate and live stream from the officer's BWC and affect the arrest. Thankfully no one was hurt.”
“When you have real-time [technology], it’s a lot easier for you to make calls on resources and project ahead... versus waiting until people tell you what happened to respond.”
"You never know when that swamp’s gonna be there, you never know when that big thick forest is gonna be there, you never know what circumstances are going to lead you to need this technology.”

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