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5 features the best attorney case management software must have

Comprehensive case management software is an invaluable tool for law offices

The legal system is built on paperwork. Client intake, court schedules, evidence organization – even if a lot of that “paperwork” is now digital, it’s still an overwhelming amount of information to manage, and that’s before taking security measures to protect clients’ privacy. The good news for prosecutors and defense lawyers is that the right attorney case management software can help put everything related to an ongoing case in one secure place, but in order to find the right solution for your firm, you need to know what to look for.

Case management software is used by a number of industries, but legal professionals have specific requirements that are unique to their roles in the justice system. Prioritizing the five features on this list ensures that you’ll find the right attorney case management software to suit your needs.

Attorney case management software: What to look for

Comprehensive file management

Since one of the core functions of attorney case management software is information storage, you want a solution that supports a wide variety of file types. Evidence might include video files from body-worn cameras and CCTV, photographs of the scene of the incident and audio interview files, and that’s not even taking into account the numerous documents that accompany the legal process.

Remember, you want to be able to access everything relating to a case from this centralized software solution – and part of that is being able to find what you need easily. For example, Axon Justice Premier features a one-click search that makes it a snap to look up information based on incident ID, officer name, location and other metadata. Speaking of metadata, automatic tagging adds relevant search keywords to every document and piece of evidence, saving your team time on administrative work. To learn more about how Axon Justice Premier streamlines casework with prosecutor case management software and criminal defense case management software, get in touch.


Another way to cut down on time-consuming administrative work is to choose attorney case management software with reporting capabilities. The software should be able to automatically generate reports with key information about when and by whom files were created, as well as the ability to filter files by category. This makes it easier to get a top-down view of everything related to the case and evaluate evidence for potential patterns that could cast the case in a new light.


Achieving the best possible legal outcomes for your clients requires teamwork, which means any case management software your firm uses should facilitate collaboration. Being able to easily share files with partners and stakeholders should be high on your priority list; after all, streamlined case management is limited in its usefulness if you’re the only one who can access the software. Look for solutions that don’t require extra costs or tools for sharing within your own firm while keeping unauthorized viewers locked out – more on that below.


Keeping your clients’ data secure is critical; one breach can destroy your firm’s reputation, to say nothing of any possible legal ramifications. Security shouldn’t be an afterthought in your attorney case management software, so at the very least, files should be fully encrypted when not in use. Look for software that complies with the security requirements set by the Criminal Justices Information Services (CJIS) Division of the FBI and has extensive auditing capabilities. This way, you’ll be able to track user behavior like file access and deletion, ensuring that information never falls into the wrong hands.

Mobile access

All of these resources should be available even when you’re away from your desk, which is why mobile access is becoming an increasingly important feature in attorney case management software. Attorneys using this software should be able to quickly review files on the go, ideally with a dedicated companion app designed for smartphone usability. Additionally, mobile phones are often used to record evidence in the modern law enforcement era, so full mobile integration simplifies the process of getting videos from police officers to your legal team.

Benefits of attorney case management software

There’s a lot to consider when adopting a case management software solution for your law firm, but the benefits far outweigh the initial cost and time investment. Here are just a few ways that attorney case management software aids legal teams:

  • Increased productivity: By storing every relevant piece of information in one secure, easy-to-navigate place, case management software increases efficiency at law firms. The ability to send files or review new evidence immediately speeds up the discovery process and eliminates much of the guesswork, and automating transcription and metadata tagging saves considerable time.

  • Better morale: According to Jordan Weimer, supervising paralegal at the Colorado 21st Judicial District Attorney’s Office, adopting attorney case management software helped reduce burnout by minimizing the tedious menial labor associated with maintaining case files. As he put it, “Attorneys and support staff members don’t get as frustrated or feel so lost when they are in the system, which takes one more thing off their already full plates.”

  • Improved client outcomes: By using case management software to track everything related to a client’s case, it’s less likely that things will fall through the cracks, leading to better outcomes in the courtroom. On top of that, software with optimized reporting metrics can help you develop insights that you may not have found on your own.

  • Cost-effective: Time is money, and any solution that frees up your legal team from tedious administrative work translates into more focus on what’s important and less overtime. Additionally, having one centralized solution is typically more cost-effective than chaining together various platforms to manage different aspects of the legal process.

Streamline case management with Axon Justice

Attorneys have specific case management needs and security concerns, which is why you should choose a solution created with the legal process in mind. Axon Justice uses extensive file support to break down data silos, which makes it easier for your team to dive deep into the evidence and emerge with thoughtful insights that lead to better client outcomes.

Axon’s CJIS-compliant attorney case management software automates a number of processes, such as transcribing interviews and redacting identifying information from evidence, while customizable user permissions ensure that your team – and only your team – always has access to the information it needs. To find out more about how Axon Justice Premier supports attorneys in their case management journey, contact our team today.