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article / May 20, 2023

5 things to look for in a corporate security services provider

If you’ve ever found yourself glancing over your shoulder while walking along a dimly lit corridor, you’ll know just how uncomfortable it feels. Your employees, whether they work in a hospital, a warehouse or an office complex, want to feel safe at work. In fact, some studies show a correlation between workers’ perception of safety and their job performance. Having a plan and a security team in place is one way to increase the feeling of safety for your team. 

But hiring, training and vetting your own security officers may be time and cost prohibitive for all but the largest companies. Fortunately, finding the right corporate security services provider means you can share the responsibility for your company’s safety with a trusted partner.

What is a corporate security services provider? 

A corporate security services provider is a business that offers enterprise personnel, planning tools, data and training to facilitate safety at events and facilities. Each provider may have a slightly different menu of services, but generally, those include: 

  • Supervision of employees or events (including executive protection services)

  • Safety patrols

  • Mapping out and resolving potential security vulnerabilities (i.e. before large conferences, prior to a new location opening, et cetera)

  • Surveillance and monitoring

  • Intervening during incidents to protect employees, participants and property

  • Compiling security reports and facilitating evidence collection and communication with law enforcement after an incident

Though the word “corporate security” may conjure up images of office buildings, corporate security services can offer value to medical and healthcare facilities, universities, shopping centers, sports and entertainment venues, construction sites, and a variety of other private, non-profit and government settings. The best corporate security solutions work within your broader business security strategy, liaising with your IT security team, event planners, legal counsel, and PR associates for the most comprehensive approach to safety. 

5 key features to look for in a corporate security services provider

Choosing a corporate security provider is a weighty decision. After all, you will need to share access to private spaces as well as confidential information with this entity, so developing a sense of trust with your chosen agency will be essential. Here are some characteristics you should look for when vetting providers.

Trained and licensed staff

All states have licensing requirements for security officers, with additional training and permits for armed guards. The best corporate security services will also require their staff to complete continuing education and do extensive background checks on new hires. Go to the careers section of a provider’s website and take a look at their job requirements. If you manage a high-profile business with complex security needs, look for companies that employ guards with military or special services backgrounds, and have founders and leaders who are seasoned security professionals.

Good reviews

You shouldn’t hand over the keys to company headquarters without making sure you’re dealing with a legally established, well-regarded company. If you’re considering a smaller security service company, check to make sure it is properly registered and licensed. Ask for recommendations in your network, and read reviews from a variety of sources (Better Business Bureau, Google, Trustpilot, Yelp, et cetera). Check the company’s social media handles and website for testimonials and endorsements from trustworthy sources. 

Excellent customer service

Look for a corporate security services provider with a flexible and responsive customer support team. Good customer support is important for pretty much any service provider, but it’s crucial in a security context. Imagine not being able to reach your security guard, or calling the office and being placed on hold during an emergency. Read reviews for all corporate security solutions you’re considering to get a sense of how their customer support team works.

Robust contingency planning services

A good corporate security services provider should offer much more than a guard at the front door. They should be able to conduct security assessments, assist with monitoring and site surveillance (for example, via a security camera feed) and help you plan for any potential threats. Your security provider should also provide you with a remediation plan and advise you on the creation of an incident management policy

Up-to-date tech and tools

A modern security agency will rely on industry-leading incident management software and hardware. When interviewing providers, ask what kind of technology they’re using, like body-worn cameras for their security officers, and how they will share any security or incident management information with you. In other words, make sure the tech configurations of a security services provider can handle the complex needs of your business.

Axon provides equipment and software that helps businesses predict, resolve and mitigate threats. Our corporate security solutions include de-escalation tools and body-worn cameras, as well as a comprehensive incident management platform that allows your security team to safely share incident information with authorities. Let us know how we can serve your team.