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A safer choice for armed security guards

Equip your guards with a less-lethal tool to de-escalate conflict.

Chances are the safety of your guards is often top-of-mind. Working in security brings an inherent risk. When your guards are armed, that concern of safety goes both ways: the safety of your guards and the safety of the civilians are exposed to increased danger. 

Inherently, situations that involve firearms mean a higher risk of gun deployment, thus shooting and lethality. Firearm deployment is not an ideal outcome. De-escalation is desired, but can be easier said than done, unless your staff have the tools to support them. Even with the best training, tragedies occur. TASER devices decrease the risk you take on.

In Law Enforcement, police officers look to the TASER as a trusted de-escalation tool. For over 25 years, we have been the go-to choice for a less-lethal option. And there is data behind this choice. TASERs are a safer choice for all parties involved. Studies show that the use of TASER devices results in a 70% reduction of injuries to the officer, and a 40% reduction in suspect injuries. Arming a guard with a TASER device means your employees have the tools to stop a threat, but aren’t at risk of doing so lethally. And everyone is safer for it. 

Safer options for your employees is a good business decision, too. Beyond the most important aspect of fewer injuries and less fatal risk, consider outcomes such as less payout towards workers compensation, lower insurance risk premiums, and lower chance of wrongful death lawsuits.

TASER devices are a proven tool that improves outcomes in risky situations. When you replace firearms with TASERs, or even add them to your guards’ belts, everyone benefits from safer outcomes. 

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