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article / July 25, 2022

Body-worn cameras and Axon Evidence a life-saving, game changer for Federal law enforcement

For 25 years, I served as a Deputy U.S. Marshal and Special Agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Explosives (ATF) under the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). I was given the opportunity to work everywhere from Arizona to Kansas to D.C. to Chicago alongside our nation’s top talent, and was tasked with protecting and partnering with communities to reduce violent crime and advance federal law enforcement. This week, I will present at the National Technical Investigators’ Association National Conference (NATIA) on how Axon’s groundbreaking technology can help federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies carry out this mission.

I know just how valuable the innovation, information and transparency that Axon provides is to federal law enforcement. During my time as a federal agent, I took part in the planning and execution of a body-worn camera deployment by the DOJ, and worked alongside Associate Deputy Attorney General Adam Braverman on the policy changes announced last June. I have seen first-hand the positive effect this technology, paired with proper policy, can have on our nation.

When it came time to retire from ATF, I wanted to remain involved with federal law enforcement, and support tech improvements in the industry. I knew exactly where I was headed next – Axon.

I now work as a Business Development and Strategy Director for our Federal Civilian Market. In my role, I’m able to fulfill my retirement goals and bring my keen understanding of the DOJ’s mission to my team’s work.

Being part of the DOJ’s body-worn camera planning from the start, I understand how Axon body-worn cameras, and just as importantly Axon body-worn cameras’ integration with the larger Axon Network, can benefit law enforcement. Body-worn cameras protect citizens and my former federal law enforcement colleagues through capturing evidence of critical moments.

Axon Evidence, Axon’s digital evidence management system, ensures that body-worn cameras aren’t just hardware on chests. Axon Evidence allows users to store and manage all digital evidence — including CCTV footage, social media content and more — in one place. Agencies can easily get a birds-eye view or in-depth look at any case or incident.

Axon Evidence is secure and meets the General Services Administration’s FedRAMP standards. Eliminating data silos, providing seamless retrieval of digital evidence, using embedded media tools to redact and transcribe audio and video files, and providing a secure method to share evidence across law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and defense attorneys accelerates justice, reduces the burden on investigators and ensures data accountability.

Providing local, state, and federal agencies with body-worn cameras to protect themselves and the public is a game-changer and quite literally saves lives. I look forward to meeting with other experts at the NATIA conference and providing tools that enhance situational awareness for my former DOJ colleagues and the general public. I am thankful and honored to utilize my experience in the public sector to innovate and protect federal law enforcement and broader community through my work at Axon.

About the Author

John Durastanti is the Director of Business Development and Strategy at Axon. He oversees the development of strategic initiatives, executing business development opportunities and building executive relationships with Axon’s Federal business customers. Prior to Axon, John oversaw ATF’s regulatory and enforcement operations for the western region. He oversaw ATF’s regulatory and enforcement operations for the western region and all matters associated with the trafficking of firearms to Mexico. John started his law enforcement career in Ohio as a patrol officer with a local department, and began his Federal service with the U.S. Marshals before transitioning to ATF.

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