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article / December 5, 2022

Axon solutions for technician services

Axon is the world’s most reliable way to monitor and secure the enterprise. With a proven history protecting people and assets across the globe, you can count on Axon technologies to provide certainty and clarity for your organization. 

Axon has deep experience creating some of the most advanced connected devices in the world and managing huge amounts of data being produced by those devices. First and foremost, we are a technology company. Our history managing connected devices and enormous amounts of data is applicable to all areas of asset management and can help your enterprise stay more connected to and aware of worker, asset and fleet status. 



The Axon Network provides clarity into technician operations in the field that can be used for training purposes, to provide proof of proper job completion to customers, and for remote monitoring and auditing purposes without the need to dispatch additional resources to the field. 

Proof Of Work
Equipping technicians with Axon body cameras provides an automated method of capturing field activity to ensure work is completed correctly, professionally and on time. The Axon Network makes it easy to share iron-clad video proof of proper job completion to dispel any customer concerns. Provide proof of proper completion to eliminate the need for unnecessary second visits, and significantly reduce the costs associated with unnecessary return visits. Technicians performing maintenance of critical infrastructure or industrial machinery can verify the job was properly completed up to performance, regulatory and safety specifications. 

Remote Support And Auditing
Axon live-streaming capabilities provide an option for experts to remotely support field technicians on difficult jobs without travelling customer sites. Costly expert resources can now be leveraged remotely, greatly decreasing the cost associated with having to send top-tier technicians onsite and also allowing that expertise to be in multiple locations in a single day. In highly regulated industries, live-streaming means remote auditing can now be done from afar and sensitive areas like clean rooms no longer require auditors to enter them. Whether it’s live streaming of sharing recorded video, maintaining compliance is easier than ever. 

Liability Reduction 
Dispel false claims for techs that are in home. Unprofessional behavior concerning theft or lateness to appointments is now easily confirmed or dispelled. Get a crystal-clear look into incidents surrounding employee claims relating to OSHA adherence or injury claims. 
Use video data to provide proof of proper completion to dispel customer complaints and demands for refunds. In extreme cases, video documentation makes it simple to provide an accurate picture of events that can be critical to avoid legal proceedings. 

Video is an effective training tool to share best practices or dangerous mistakes made in real-world scenarios that can be used to more effectively and quickly ramp up new employees. 



The Axon Platform takes care of video data for you by sorting, storing, managing and distributing it in an ultra-secure and fully redundant solution. The platform is a digital aggregator – it can manage video, image, audio and document data to streamline processes and aggregate important rich operations data into a single pane of glass. With the Axon Data Management Platform, you don’t have to think about your data until you need it, then it’s easy to find and share. 

If you are interested in understanding how the Axon Network can benefit your business, reach out to us at or sign up for a trial here