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Axon solutions for warehousing and distribution

Axon has been gathering and protecting the world’s most sensitive data for almost two decades. With a proven history protecting people and assets across the globe, you can count on Axon technologies to improve security, certainty and efficiency in your business. 

Axon is helping logistics businesses overcome major challenges such as:

  • Risk

    • ​Whether it’s employee safety, loss prevention or compliance and regulatory concerns, the enterprise is fraught with risk that requires more insight into processes and increased operational efficiencies. Axon body cameras provide a first-person point of view for complete clarity into any incidents. 

  • Blind Spots

    • ​​​Enterprise processes are usually complex and fraught with human error. A key operations challenge is gaining more insight into the way workers are operating and how assets and goods are being maintained or moving through the supply chain. Video data is rich with context and makes it easy to pinpoint any problems such as damaged or missing goods. 

  • Inefficiency 

    • ​​Coordinating different departments, resources and information is a constant struggle in large organizations. As data proliferates, it’s harder for enterprises to get insights from that data. A major hurdle is sharing information across and outside of the organization. Data only matters if you know how to act on it, and appropriately share it with the right stakeholders within the business and the ecosystem. The Axon platform provides data that is rich in context and easily understood by any operator. 


Axon makes it easy to ensure compliance on the floor. Keeping track of individual employee performance is difficult. Incidents caused by lack of training or employee missteps are only seen in hindsight. Body cameras make it possible to monitor misbehavior and unsafe practices before they become an incident. Video data is also a powerful loss prevention tool, removing any he says, she says scenarios from the equation. Axon tracking and monitoring capabilities allows logistics managers to keep track of cargo and inventory and quickly pinpoint the cause for any delays or missing goods. The Axon Network provides easy multi-site monitoring by connecting data from multiple sites onto a single platform. Livestreaming capabilities enable real-time mobile monitoring in locations like loading sites and sorting lines without the need for supervisors or auditors to be physically onsite. 

Regulatory and compliance standards require regular inspection that can be costly if not completed on time and up to par. Confirming quality is also critical to maintaining the trust of your customers and partners. Axon body cameras are uniquely positioned to be the perfect tool to ensure quality of incoming or outgoing goods.
Live streaming capabilities enable quality inspectors or auditors to conduct remote monitoring to ensure status and quality without having to physically be on site. 

Proof of Delivery
Equipping delivery drivers with body cameras provides indisputable video documentation that goods were delivered properly. Video data makes it easy to prove goods were delivered undamaged and in the right amount so it's easy to dispel any claims of damaged or missing items. Axon connected camera GPS capabilities also make it easy to verify goods were delivered at the right location and video time stamps provide the ability to prove on time delivery. 

Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention
Video data is a powerful loss prevention tool, removing any doubt from murky situations. It is equally beneficial for tracking employee theft or negligence that leads to loss and for confirming delivery and quality of goods from suppliers. 

Video is an effective training tool to share best practices or dangerous mistakes made in real-world scenarios that can be used to more effectively and quickly ramp up new employees. 



The Axon data management platform takes care of video data for you by sorting, storing, managing and distributing it in an ultra-secure and fully redundant solution. The platform is a digital aggregator – it can manage video, image, audio and document data to streamline processes and aggregate important rich operations data into a single pane of glass. With the Axon platform, you don’t have to think about your data until you need it, then it’s easy to find and share. 

If you are interested in understanding how the Axon Network can benefit your business, reach out to us at or sign up for a trial.