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webinar / February 1, 2024

Building a Body-Worn Camera Program

Axon Body 4 camera docking station

Body-worn cameras, or BWC, have become an increasingly essential tool for promoting transparency while helping keep officers and community members safe. However, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to building a BWC program at your agency — from selecting hardware to training officers to forecasting budgets.

This webinar gives an overview of the essential elements for implementing an effective BWC program tailored to your agency's needs.

Learn what features to look for in a camera to ensure you're reliably capturing the highest-quality footage, as well as how to seamlessly manage and share evidence with user-friendly cloud-based tools like Axon Evidence to ensure smooth collaboration with command staff and external stakeholders. Discover budget-friendly strategies for bundling, training, and deploying your body-worn cameras so that your officers are best supported in protecting your communities.