How Cancom Security Is Providing Exceptional Service And Protection With The Axon Network

The Mission

With over 1,200 security guards and 50+ years of management experience within the private security industry, Cancom is one of Canada's most innovative security providers and one of the first security companies to start equipping security guards with body cameras in the Ontario region. Cancom puts customer service first, and is always looking to adopt new technologies and ways of working that will provide superior protection and service to their clients.

The Challenge

Cancom's client base is largely made up of building owners, so their Security Guards patrol large facilities such as shopping malls, Municipalities, First Nation Communities, Light Rail Transit Stations, pipelines, electric utility stations, outdoor shopping centers and office towers. This creates multiple considerations that require a thoughtful approach in order to provide a high level of security and transparency to clients, and a high level of protection for their guards. Team members also operate in remote environments and are often first responders to critical situations where having effective de-escalation tools is important to quickly and safely handling tense situations.

Selecting Axon as our partner and rolling out the AB3 to our front line guards demonstrates our on-going commitment to further advancing the private sectors position while aligning ourselves to support our local police services with seamless support in evidence management.

Ron Wells, CEO and Founder

The Solution

To provide a strong set of de-escalation and transparency tools to their officers and clients, Cancom has adopted Axon Body 3 cameras on all of their Mobile Patrol, Alarm Response and Armed Security Guards. Paired with the Axon incident management platform, body-worn cameras are providing de-escalation, reporting and training capabilities that are setting Cancom apart from other security providers.


Cancom Security Guards often work in communities that don’t have a dedicated police force. As a result, they are sometimes the first responders to criminal complaints in these communities. Axon cameras act as a powerful de-escalation tool in circumstances where it is critical to defuse tense situations before law enforcement arrives. When incidents need to be shared with law enforcement, the captured footage provided by body cameras makes sharing easy, but Cancom is finding less incidents occur in the first place as the presence of a camera improves behavior so drastically that incident rates are low.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an Axon video is worth a million.

Paul Baziuk, VP of Sales


The Axon Network has been valuable for reporting purposes on two fronts - for sharing incidents with law enforcement, and for sharing reports with clients.
Historically, Cancom relied on officers to write reports. While Cancom provides a high level of training and reports were useful and accurate, being able to share video with clients is providing a new level of detail and clarity. In more ways than one, Axon is helping Cancom guards appear as the officer of the future.

The Axon software platform also makes it simple to share any critical incidents or evidence with law enforcement or other local agencies. He said, she said scenarios are a thing of the past and Cancom can now efficiently provide video data that provides complete transparency to assist law enforcement in hastily and accurately addressing any criminal complaints.


Training has always been a focus at Cancom. The company aims to provide top-tier service and understands well trained employees are key to that mission. With video documentation, the organization has gained a valuable tool to review interactions for coaching purposes and has also gained a video library of best practices and situations to avoid. The real-world scenarios that can be provided by videos are helping to bring new officers up to speed more quickly and continue to effectively upskill existing employees.
Axon is enabling Cancom to provide exceptional protection and service to clients and to the patrons and residents in those spaces, while providing complete transparency into officer encounters. The company is also providing a differentiated level of service over other security providers in the area that improves customer and agency relations.

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