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webinar / February 13, 2018

Don't buy an in-car camera

Buy Axon Fleet

Having the latest, greatest in-car camera helps you and your agencies be more efficient. But technology is always getting better. So, how do you ensure you always have the best equipment without having to buy new gear every few months?

When you buy into Fleet, hardware and software updates are built in. When the next camera or update comes along, you'll get it automatically. So you can ensure your officers are going into the field with the best in-car camera, connected to the most advanced network of people, devices and apps, like

Make the Move to Fleet

During the February 13 webinar, Deputy Director Christopher Boulter of Blackman-Leoni Township shared his experience with Fleet. Additionally, Marc Palmieri from Axon walked through specific scenarios where Fleet can increase the safety and efficiency of your officers.
It's your chance to get answers from the experts.

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