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Family first series: letting them in

Doug Dirren became a TASER Senior Master Instructor in 2010, just six days after retiring from the Scottsdale PD. Over the years, Doug became an integral part of the Axon family, and is now working as a Project Manager on the Axon Professional Services team, helping with large agency deployments.

Before joining Axon, Doug spent 30 years as a police officer working in a variety of roles spanning from a patrol officer, to a member of the K-9 team (Bomb Detection & Patrol), Hostage Negotiations Team, and Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) amongst others. Doug’s extensive experience in public safety gave him expertise that influenced Axon’s VR training modules. “I put forth several of my personal experiences in both the autistic spectrum scenario as well as the suicidal subject scenario” recalls Doug.

Doug’s caring nature does not just manifest itself in his work. In his spare time, Doug Cares for two rescue Great Danes and several rescue cats that have found their way into his home. The people (and animals!) around him are what Doug considers most important.

“To all of the new, current and future law enforcement officers: Remember how you got where you are, who supported you and continues to support you now. Remember who you are inside and stay focused on what is most important – those that are around you outside of the job. It’s an honorable profession, but not more important than those that love you.”