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case-study / October 24, 2023

How Axon Body 4 Live Features Help Improve Officer Safety

Gaining Information in Real-Time

In law enforcement, every second counts. Missed messages or failed communication can be a matter of life and death. Yet, in the heat of the moment, officers are typically focused on the action in front of them, rather than communication protocols. This can create a dangerous situation for the officer and those around them.

Radio communication is the primary means of communication for today’s officers. But is radio communication truly the end all be all for secure situational awareness? Officers often need to communicate sensitive info to others in the field. This information may be deemed sensitive to communicate over the radio, especially if a suspect is within earshot. Additionally, radio communications rely mostly on those on the ground, and make it difficult for command staff and dispatch to get a bird’s-eye view of scenarios as they unfold.

These shortcomings can be addressed with technology already used by many police departments today. Many agencies now require the use of high-powered body-worn cameras by on-duty officers. These bodyworn cameras can provide high-quality camera footage, clear audio, and ease of use that given command staff and dispatch alike greater situational awareness.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of body-worn camera technology is live-streaming capabilities. The combination of high-definition live video footage and crystal-clear audio provides command staff and dispatch with unparalleled visibility into high-stakes scenarios as they unfold. But which body-worn camera solutions include live-streaming, and how can your agency make the most of these feature?

How Axon Body 4 Empowers Real-Time Awareness

Axon Body 4 is the latest piece to both officer and suspect safety.

The distinguishing feature of Axon Body 4 is its live-streaming capability with bi-directional voice communications. During critical moments, real-time visibility and support become invaluable. With Axon Body 4, responders can stay connected to dispatchers, supervisors, translators, or mental health professionals who can provide immediate guidance in the field while leaving radio bandwidth free for other urgent demands.

Axon Body 4 transmits real-time GPS location to Axon Respond and starts recording automatically when approaching high-priority call locations. A new ‘Watch Me’ feature even allows responders to request supervisors or other public safety professionals immediately focus their attention on a given call, ensuring that no critical moment goes unnoticed.

Axon Body 4 offers connectivity and support that can elevate your agency’s operational effectiveness and situational awareness. To learn more about how Axon body-worn cameras and public safety solutions can improve outcomes for your officers, get in touch.