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How Los Angeles professional security enhances guard safety with Axon Respond for Devices

“There is nothing better”

How Los Angeles Professional Security Enhances Guard Safety with Axon Respond for Devices

FOR JAMES CASPARI, CEO & Founder of Los Angeles Professional Security, using Axon Body 3 cameras with Respond for devices and TASER CEWs has helped protect his organization by reducing risk and increasing guard safety in the field.

Caspari takes pride in keeping his organization on the cutting-edge of technology. Using Axon body cameras with Respond for devices, he said, sets him apart from other private security agencies.

“It’s important to me on one hand to [be there right away] if there’s a situation,” says Caspari.

“No matter where I am in the world, within seconds I can now see from the officers perspective in real time.”

With Respond for devices, he can review and respond in real time, offering guidance to officers remotely all with a few clicks. He said he previously would have to spend significant time and resources to gear up and physically arrive on scene to assist with a call.

Caspari said one call in particular, where he realized he no longer had to communicate via radio with an officer on scene, demonstrated the value of Respond for devices. Instead, Caspari could watch a stream of the officer’s camera, as she narrated what she was seeing and he could offer guidance in real time.

To ensure officer safety, Caspari said he has amended company policy so that dispatchers in his Real-Time Crime Center may remotely assist officers as they leave their patrol car to respond to events.

While the dispatchers aren’t trained to watch and “micromanage” officers, he said they do keep watch
for unusual or dangerous activity. Additionally, they are able to provide situational awareness, such as supplying a gate code or fact checking a record without the guard needing to radio in for the information.

He said that this approach has already let his organization better respond to escalating encounters and re-train officers who do not proactively call for backup.

“A few times I’ve gotten a message from dispatch saying, ‘Smith hasn’t requested backup, but there’s a guy a foot from his face,” he said.

Having greater situational awareness thanks to Axon’s body cameras and Respond technology, he said, has improved his organization’s ability to respond to calls effectively.

“If you think there’s a value of knowing what’s going on in real time on scene, it’s a no-brainer,” he said. “There is nothing better.”

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