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article / June 16, 2023

One giant leap towards reducing fatal police-public shootings

How TASER 10 will take the U.S. closer to cutting gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50%

“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

When President John F. Kennedy took the stage at Rice University Stadium on September 12, 1962, he rallied millions of Americans around a new national goal, one that would benefit all of humanity: the United States was going to send a man to the moon before the decade was out. This was a seemingly impossible task, but it was one that would yield exponential rewards. So President Kennedy, and the whole of the nation, embarked to do the impossible.

Axon has embarked on its own moonshot goal: cut gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50% in 10 years. When achieved, this moonshot goal will result in thousands of lives saved, and in strengthened trust between communities and public safety officials. This moonshot goal is certainly lofty, but Axon has already taken the first giant leap towards success: the TASER 10.

TASER 10 and the Future of Less-Lethal

The best-case scenario for all potentially critical situations in the field is successful de-escalation without use of force. But best-case scenarios are often not the reality. In moments of crisis, it is essential that officers have reliable less-lethal tools to de-escalate encounters while ensuring the safety of civilians and officers alike.

TASER 10 is Axon's latest TASER energy weapon, featuring a 45-foot maximum range and 10 individually targeted probes. TASER 10 is by far the largest leap forward in less-lethal technology since the inception of the TASER energy weapon several decades ago.

Here are four ways TASER 10 will help cut gun-related deaths between police and the public:

More Chances for Safe Apprehension

TASER 10 has 10 individually targeted probes loaded into each magazine. Based on data from the TASER X2’s extensive deployment, it’s reasonable to expect a 45% contact rate for each probe after deployment. With 10 probes at officers’ disposal, TASER 10 boasts a projected 98% success rate for landing the minimum required two probes to induce neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI)1.

Individual targeting also allows precision placement, enabling safer outcomes in each encounter. Early testing demonstrates officers' ability to target legs, which is ideal for both stopping a subject quickly and allowing the subject to retain control of their upper body and catch their fall.

A Greater Range of Operation

TASER 10 has a maximum range of 45 feet (~13.5 meters), nearly double the range of previous TASER energy weapons. In an internal study of 90 video recordings of fatal officer-involved shootings, Axon found more than 80% of the shootings occurred within a 40-foot range, with no physical obstruction between the officer and subject, and while officer back-up was present.

TASER 10 gives officers nearly double the distance to confront potentially violent individuals. TASER 10 gives nearly double the space in which officers can attempt to de-escalate threats without employing lethal force. In short, TASER 10 is a viable option for more real-life situations than ever before.

Yellow TASER 10.

TASER 10’s probes launch at a speed of 205 feet per second, compared to around 175 feet per second in previous models. That higher speed means more range, better accuracy and more velocity to increase the chance of a solid connection through loose clothing. TASER 10’s probes are tipped with a dual polymer impact absorber that expands upon contact, creating more surface area for a more reliable connection while decreasing the chance of injury from impact.

More Reliable for Every Encounter

TASER 10’s probes are launched one at a time towards the point illuminated by its daylight-friendly green LASER. Officers can create their own probe spread at any distance up to 45 feet, rather than relying on preset probe angles that obtain varying levels of NMI depending on distance from target.

TASER 10 also features Any Probe Connect, meaning any two probes can create a successful connection no matter what order they were deployed. TASER 10's Spread Optimizer uses internal sensors to intelligently route current through up to four of the best connection pathways landed.

Finally, operators can feel confident that their TASER energy weapon will be ready to operate in any field conditions, thanks to the weapon’s new IP67 weatherproof status. TASER 10 is protected against the ingress of dust, and is certified to operate after being submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

A Sci-Fi-Like Method for Practical De-Escalation

If you've ever watched sci-fi movies, you know a high-pitched whine and a flash of light mean a potent energy weapon is ready to fire. TASER 10’s de-escalation capabilities make use of this awareness campaign Hollywood has already been running for decades.

When the weapon’s Warning Alert is initiated, the TASER 10 produces a bright pulsing light and loud alert to supplement an officer’s verbal warnings. This futuristic signal secured compliance in 70% of cases across 33 early field trials.

Beyond Less-Lethal

At the end of a shift, all officers need to do is dock their TASER 10 and walk away. All TASER 10 usage logs will upload automatically to Axon Evidence, giving agencies near-instant access to a weapon's logs, including newly designed pulse graphs that demonstrate how the weapon was used in any encounters (down to the activation of individual probes) and when. Axon Body 4camera footage completes the picture of every incident to capture truth.

Although TASER 10 is a massive step forward for less-lethal technology, no one tool will be enough to halve gun-related deaths between police and the public. Technology alone will not be enough to achieve our moonshot. Axon has been working alongside both its public safety and community partners on a series of community outreach efforts to further its strides towards reducing gun-related deaths in the public safety arena.

Watch the TASER 10 webinar now if you’d like to learn more about how this new conducted energy weapon is the next innovative step in a revolutionary, less-lethal journey. Then join Axon in its commitment at As first responders already know, in preserving life, every moment counts.

1 Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) occurs when electrical signals are delivered to a subject's muscles, causing those muscles to rapidly flex, impeding mobility. NMI allows officers time to handcuff subjects without resistance, improving safety for officers and subjects.