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Put an end to scrapping drug batches

Scrapping batches of drugs is probably something you and your pharmaceutical company are intimately familiar with. But what if that didn’t have to be the way? Think of the savings: the time, product, and pure dollars saved, if you didn’t have to scrap multiple batches when there was a suspected problem in the drug manufacturing process.

Currently, when there’s a risk of contamination or testing failure, you’re faced with tough options:

You could shut down the line(s) in question and do a full inspection to determine what had occurred and what the remedial action is. The loss of production time, idle workers, and a deep review are costly and deeply disruptive.

Or even more costly - you could dispose of the full drug batch. In cases where the timeline of the potential contamination is unclear, you’re looking at disposing of multiple batches to be sure the contaminated product does not make it to the end customer. This is the safest decision, but also the costliest — millions of dollars of product can be lost.

Depending on the type of suspected problem, a third option might be moving forward with production and distributing the drugs in the hopes there was not contamination after all. While costing no additional dollars upfront, you risk putting others’ health at risk, your brand reputation, and the cost of pulling product back, among others.

Point-of-view sensors and cameras address the challenge of potential contamination by capturing exactly what occurs on the line, and in line clearance. Watching video back, you can quickly and easily pinpoint the time of the supposed contamination—down to the millisecond. This means you can confirm that product on the line before the time of contamination was unaffected and does not need to be at risk for disposal. Millions of dollars of adequate product is safe from unnecessary scrapping. Shutting the production line down prematurely is no longer necessary. You don’t risk putting compromised product into a customer’s hands. All of this is achievable without stepping foot on the production floor. Backed by a powerful incident management system, video can be viewed, managed, stored, and shared on a seamless platform. Axon’s solutions provide full insight with zero disruption needed.

Our solutions are being used today in pharmaceutical manufacturing to do just this—save batches from scrapping, as well as many other benefits, such as quality assurance, risk assessments, and product documentation. If you and your team want to join your peers in saving time, money, and product while ensuring quality; we can help.

Ready to learn how you can put an end to unnecessarily scrapping product? We’re here to talk!