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Webinar: real time crime centers in the northeast

police officer views a real time crime center

Real Time Crime Centers are changing the way law enforcement agencies operate in the northeast, leading to more positive outcomes for both communities and agencies.

In this webinar, you'll hear from several different voices, including:

  • Sgt. Chris Mastroianni - Supervisor Real Time Crime Center for Hartford PD

  • Lt. Matthew Barter - Chief of Staff for Manchester PD

  • Joe Del Duca: Public Safety Advisor from Fusus and a retired Deputy Inspector from the NYPD

  • Brandon Wahl, BDM at Axon and Certified Forensic Video Technician

Our panelists share their experience with building and operating a Real Time Crime Center. Learn how they're leveraging technology from Fusus and Axon to have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and hear some specific stories about how this information helped solve cases in a more efficient and effective manner. You'll also learn some tips and tricks for building your own Real Time Crime Center.

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