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How Signal Security of Raleigh is increasing effectiveness and protection with the Axon Network

How Signal Security Of Raleigh Is Increasing Effectiveness And Protection With The Axon Network


The vision of Signal Security of Raleigh is to provide a full suite of world-class and industry-leading security services for residential, commercial, retail and institutional customers in Raleigh, North Carolina. The business provide customized security services so that individuals, businesses, neighborhoods and communities in Raleigh can pursue their passions in life openly, freely and joyfully.


Signal Security's core clientele in the Raleigh area consists of Apartment complexes and breweries. These facilities, and the residents and patrons of them, create multiple considerations that require a thoughtful approach in order to provide a high level of security and transparency to clients, and a high level of protection for their guards. The majority of officers do roving patrols in vehicles, so encounter many different environments and scenarios in a single shift.

"The quality of the Axon video has been a game-changer. Video isn't valuable if you can't see it or hear well, with Axon the quality is there so we always know exactly what happened."
TJ Whitfield, Operations Manager


To provide a strong set of de-escalation and transparency tools to their officers and clients, Signal Security Of Raleigh has adopted Axon Body 3 cameras on all of their Mobile Patrol Security Guards. Paired with the Axon incident management platform, body-worn cameras are providing de-escalation, reporting and training capabilities that are setting Signal Security apart from other security providers.


Signal Security Guards are unarmed and often work alone. As a result, an effective means of de- escalation is critical to their success. Axon cameras are acting as a powerful de-escalation tool in circumstances where it is critical to defuse tense situations before law enforcement arrives. When incidents need to be shared with law enforcement, the captured footage provided by body cameras makes sharing easy, but Signal Security is finding far less incidents occur in the first place as the presence of a camera improves behavior so drastically that incident rates have lowered significantly.

"Before Axon, I had to put any data that needed to be shared with Law Enforcement on a thumb drive and drive it across town. Now I can do it with the click of a button”

TJ Whitfield, Operations Manager


Signal Security had previously used body cameras, but found them to be clunky and difficult to operate. Switching to Axon Body-worn cameras has provided improved ease of use and more usable data in numerous areas that include:

  • A wireless unit that automatically uploads data to the cloud, eliminating the need to deal with cords and DVRs

  • Improved video quality

  • Improved audio quality

  • Improved low-light capabilities

    Additional features that Signal Security gained with the implementation of the Axon solution include GPS tracking, which helps increase guard safety, and transcription assistant to make report writing easier.

    The Axon software platform is also making it simple to share any critical incidents or evidence with law enforcement or property managers. He said, she said scenarios are a thing of the past. TJ can now efficiently provide video data that provides complete transparency to assist law enforcement property managers in hastily and accurately addressing any complaints.


    Training has always been a focus for Signal Security. The company aims to provide top-tier service and understands well trained employees are key to that mission. With video documentation, the organization has gained a valuable tool to review interactions for coaching purposes and has also gained a video library of best practices and situations to avoid. The real-world scenarios that can be provided by videos are helping to bring new officers up to speed more quickly and continue to effectively upskill existing employees.

    Axon is enabling Signal Security to provide exceptional protection and service to clients and to the patrons and residents in those spaces, while providing complete transparency into officer encounters. The company is also providing a differentiated level of service over other security providers in the area that improves customer and agency relations.

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