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webinar / December 20, 2023

Empowering Heroes: Harnessing Axon-ZOLL Innovations for Safer Communities

In an era where seamless and innovative solutions are paramount for the success of public safety agencies, the partnership between Axon and ZOLL emerges as a transformative force.

Together we are providing first responders with easy-to-use life saving technology to assist with the more than 1,000 sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) that occur in the United States every day. Watch the webinar to see an engaging discussion that centers on empowering law enforcement, public safety agencies and emergency medical professionals.

This webinar brings a first hand account on how a citizen and law enforcement officer worked quickly and efficiently to save a life. Viewers will leave equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how this collaboration elevates their capabilities, strengthens their operations, and, most importantly, safeguards the communities they serve.