Innovating Responsibly

Building technology to Protect Life

About this framework

Axon’s Responsible Innovation Framework is an integral part of our commitment to Protect Life. We believe that how we make our products matters just as much as what we make. Our values-based framework for product design and development guides how we approach hard questions about emerging technology and evaluate our products to be a Force for Good.

Designed with Diverse Stakeholders

The Responsible Innovation Framework is a collaborative effort designed by diverse stakeholders, including industry experts, academics, policymakers, public safety and community representatives. It aims to guide the development and deployment of technologies in a way that is ethical, inclusive, and sustainable. We also engage with our Ethics and Equity Advisory Council (EEAC), which routinely provides feedback throughout the product design process to help ensure that we are investing to build a safer future for all. By incorporating a wide range of perspectives, the framework ensures that innovation is aligned with societal values, addresses potential risks, and promotes positive impacts. It provides a set of principles and best practices for responsible decision-making, stakeholder engagement, and continuous assessment throughout the innovation lifecycle.

In our pursuit of ethical and inclusive product development, we always aim to make the ‘right things’ easier and the ‘wrong things’ harder.

Less-lethal tools

We protect life. This is the driving force behind our product development process. Where the need for lethal weapons may unfortunately still exist, we always seek to introduce and maximize the availability and effectiveness of less lethal alternatives.

Cameras, sensors and software

Connected cameras and evidence software have revolutionized public safety, but legal and ethical rigor must remain paramount. We prioritize privacy, fairness, accountability, and transparency.

Real-time situational awareness

Enhancing public safety response and outcomes hinges on better information, a principle we prioritize while addressing public apprehensions regarding surveillance. Our commitment lies in striking a balance that ensures our solutions not only improve transparency but also uphold individual privacy and civil liberties.

Artificial intelligence

We recognize the immense promise of ethical AI innovation. Our mission is to harness cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize community safety, all the while prioritizing the rigorous mitigation of biases and other potential risks.

Drones and robotics

With a mission to Protect Life, we fundamentally believe robotics represent a remarkable opportunity to transform public safety. It is our responsibility to explore opportunities for remotely operated aerial and ground devices to support first responders and de-escalation efforts, while always ensuring human control.

Our innovation framework

Given the dynamic nature of technology, we continuously evaluate and refine our Responsible Innovation framework. As new technologies emerge and evolve rapidly, our approach to understanding and integrating them must adapt with equal agility. We make it a priority to regularly revisit our framework, ensuring its continued relevance and effectiveness.