Thanks for your interest or enrollment in the Axon Customer Experience Improvement Program (ACEIP). Axon is proud to lead the way in developing technology for our communities.

This reference guide provides information on how the ACEIP operates and the responsibilities of both Axon and Customers participating within the program. It also explains the steps Customers can take to limit or control their participation within this program.

NOTE: Capitalized terminology may be in direct reference to definitions provided in the Axon Cloud Services Privacy Policy.

What is ACEIP?

ACEIP is Axon’s voluntary ethical and privacy-centric program that allows Axon to use data (e.g. Agency Content) stored in Axon Cloud Services to develop new products and improve our Customers’ product experience. As we work to increase safety within our communities and drive efficiency in public safety overall, new technologies are continuously being deployed within Axon products and services. Access to Agency Content in Axon Cloud Services, voluntarily shared with us and securely protected, helps us create the best solutions possible.

Customers can participate in the ACEIP in two ways:

  • Tier 1, our “limited” improvement program, which uses only aggregated, transformed or de-identified data via privacy preserving techniques (referred to as “ACEIP Content”)

  • Tier 2, our “broader” improvement program, which enables product improvements that cannot be accomplished with the limitations of aggregated, transformed or de-identified data in Tier 1

Beginning in April 2021, the ACEIP Tier 1 terms will be included in contracts for USA Customers. All USA Customers who have executed agreements with ACEIP terms included will be participants in ACEIP Tier 1. Any Agency Content stored within Axon Cloud Services by ACEIP Tier 1 Participants may be subject to use within the ACEIP, except video or media uploaded via Axon Citizen, or any video or media shared with an ACEIP Participant from another Axon Cloud Services Customer. Customers can optionally enroll in Tier 2 by accepting additional terms, and should speak with their Axon Representative about enrolling.

As always, Customers remain in control of their Agency Content at all times. Customers can also request that previously shared content be removed from the program, or completely exit the ACEIP program, at any time.

ACEIP Transparency Portal 

To enable ACEIP Tier 1, Axon developed an ACEIP Transparency Portal where Customers can obtain information on how Axon will use the data shared with Axon through the ACEIP, including type of data extracted, privacy preserving techniques utilized for the data extraction, retention schedule, and applicable data protection practices. Axon will continually update this portal, and notify Participants of new usage of their data at least 30 days before a new use case is deployed on their data. This will allow Participants time to withdraw from the ACEIP if they no longer wish to participate. Participants can be notified of changes to this list by subscribing here.

Withdrawal from ACEIP 

Participants will remain in control of their data at all times and can exit this program at any time. If a Participant no longer wants to participate in the program, they can contact or their Axon Representative, and Axon will withdraw them from the program within 30 days of the request. Upon termination of their applicable Master Services Purchase Agreement or other similar written or electronic agreement with Axon, within 30 days, Participants will also be withdrawn from the ACEIP.

  • Tier 1 Participants: when Participants withdraw from the program, all ACEIP Content previously processed and stored by Axon will be deleted within 30 days. Works and artifacts derived from ACEIP Content or Agency Content will also be deleted if it can reasonably be associated with or linked directly or indirectly to Participant.

  • Tier 2 Participants: when Participants withdraw from the program, all ACEIP Content or copies of Agency Content will be deleted in accordance with the terms of the ACEIP Tier 2 Agreement, between Axon and Participants.

Comments or Further Questions

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