The Future of Public Safety Technology: Innovating through Robotic Security

Axon’s position on robotic security

Apr 06, 2023

“Drones are a huge force multiplier for agencies. 90% of the time, they’ll reach a scene before an officer can. Drones can help us clear a lot of calls and reduce the number of officers needed per call. The future is bright for this technology in law enforcement.” - Chad Karlewicz, Commander of Special Operations, Renton Police Department
“Drones helped rule out several suspects when looking for a violent fugitive wanted for aggravated assault. This directly reduced the use of force as each instance represented one fewer citizen who would previously have been detained at gun point… Axon Air is the hub of our drone program – we view every other piece of software and hardware through the lens of how well it plays with Axon Air." - Ross Stinson, Sergeant, Dallas (TX) Police Department