Axon Signal

Capture vital footage without lifting a finger.

Automatic activation of connected devices helps you never miss a moment.

Don’t miss the key footage you need

Hands-free activation of Axon devices based on configured events lets you focus on critical situations, not your camera.

Support in critical escalations

Axon Signal Sidearm wirelessly alerts nearby Axon cameras to begin recording the moment you draw your firearm. Seamlessly simple to attach, it’s unobtrusive and doesn’t affect the draw of your weapon.

Integrates into your routine, even on the road

With Axon Signal Vehicle*, activate your in-car camera automatically with a configurable triggering event, such as a lightbar activation or crossing a speed threshold.

Connected to the network

Each time a camera is activated by Signal, an audit report is automatically logged in Axon Evidence.

Versatile and personal

Compatible with a variety of popular holster models, Axon Signal Sidearm also features a configurable Assigned-Officer Activation that allows an officer's camera(s) to only be activated by that officer's sensor.

Watch how Axon Signal Sidearm leads to more footage captured without affecting draw times.

Axon Signal helps agencies capture more footage that may otherwise be missed

and can account for 30% or more of monthly activations.

“Axon Signal Sidearm took that guesswork out, it took the focus away from me having to activate my camera and I could focus on the threat in front of me.”

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A police officer wearing an Axon Body 4 camera with POV attachment takes a witness statement at sunset.