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article / March 12, 2024

Why Axon Body Workforce?

Bring the first personal safety camera designed to protect frontline workers to your workplace

Whether they’re in retail, healthcare or another public-facing industry, frontline workers keep the world running. Their interactions with members of the public can be uniquely demanding, and most frontline workers have more than their share of stories about unforgettably odd experiences with customers or clients. That’s an unavoidable part of the job, and for many, so is feeling unsafe at work.

Unfortunately, rising rates of violence and crime in retail and healthcare settings mean concerns about safety are valid. Frontline workers need a way to feel safer as they work. They need a tool that makes de-escalation the norm and that offers access to real-time support. And it must do it without interfering with their duties or adding new logistical wrinkles to their already busy schedules.

One possible solution to these challenges is the new Axon Body Workforce.

What is Axon Body Workforce?

Axon Body Workforce is the newest iteration of Axon Body cameras, specifically designed for frontline workers. Years of industry-leading experience in creating rugged, effective and adaptable body-worn cameras for first responders went into the creation of Axon Body Workforce, along with extensive research into the unique considerations of modern workers.

The centerpiece of Axon Body Workforce is its high-quality camera. It’s housed in an unobtrusive and durable body that offers uniform-friendly mounting options and brand-friendly customizable color shells. 

Connectivity with Axon Respond enables live alerts, maps and streaming. Deep integration with Axon Evidence, a secure digital evidence management platform, allows automatic offloading and management of recordings. Each feature is made to be reliable and easy to use across the board.

Axon Body Workforce is built to solve the challenges frontline workers face.

Why Axon Body Workforce is necessary

Both total incidents of workplace violence and total fatalities in retail locations are at an all-time high, according to loss protection publication The D&D Daily.

FBI research found that nearly a third of all active shooter incidents in 2022 occurred in retail settings, the second most prevalent location behind the much broader category of “open spaces.” Threats against healthcare workers are similarly escalating, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

A recent survey of more than 1,200 retail employees conducted by Axon found that:

  • 74% of employees reported feeling unsafe in their stores.

  • 71% of employees felt their companies had not adequately invested in employee safety.

  • 44% of employees reported fear of returning to their store after an incident.

Read our report on The State of Organized Retail Crime & In-Store Worker Safety for more insights into the emerging conditions that have made Axon Body Workforce a necessity.

The frontline workers who keep our world running deserve to feel safe coming to work. Yet demanding economic conditions and a need for adaptable, agile business solutions make full-scale security overhauls an unrealistic goal for many enterprises. But Axon Body Workforce is uniquely positioned to be a widely workable solution and empower employees in the process.

How Axon Body Workforce helps

Ask any first responder who has responded to calls with and without a body-worn camera and they’ll tell you that the presence of body-worn cameras tends to alter behavior for the better. Subjects know their actions are being recorded and can’t fall back on “he said, she said” claims to cover for acting inappropriately. This simple fact can make all the difference in stopping problems before they even begin.

Beyond the passive benefit of the camera’s presence, Axon Body Workforce also supports active de-escalation by connecting employees to support in real-time through Axon Respond. Employees never need to face potentially dangerous situations on their own. Instead, response staff trained in safety and de-escalation can assist directly from Axon Body Workforce.

This real-time support and visibility empowers employees, where appropriate, to deter and de-escalate incidents. That in turn increases feelings of employee safety and morale, builds customer confidence as stores feel safer and prevents potential lost revenue.

The benefits continue once the incident is over. Employers can use Axon Body Workforce’s recorded footage for training purposes or to dispel any false accusations about how the incident was resolved. Presenting a complete document of the truth helps companies retain control of their message and avoid a potential public relations spiral.

In short, implementing Axon Body Workforce in your organization can:

  • De-escalate potential incidents of workplace violence before they begin.

  • Deter incidents of theft and loss of company resources.

  • Improve morale and reduce turnover as employees feel safer coming to work.

  • Promote positive behaviors across your store while upholding high brand standards.

Axon Body Workplace and its integrations with the rest of the Axon ecosystem are built on the same framework that empowers public safety professionals worldwide. You can rest easy knowing the same systemic commitment to privacy and compliance will go to work for each recording you capture.

Get started with Axon Body Workforce

Axon Body Workforce is the first personal safety camera designed specifically to protect frontline workers. It represents a commitment to protecting and supporting the people who keep our businesses working through a practical application of proven Axon technology. It’s a way to empower and protect your most precious assets, your people, that also helps to reduce loss of resources and regain control of potentially unpredictable situations.

Contact Axon today to learn more about how Axon Body Workforce can make your company a safer and more productive place to work.