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article / December 5, 2022

How businesses can benefit from body-worn cameras

Video data is incredibly valuable for enterprises, but it’s also heavy and unwieldy. Here’s how the Axon Platform makes data management easy.

The widespread use of video data in enterprise businesses is solving some key legacy problems related to asset protection, productivity, employee safety and compliance, sunk costs and security. But many businesses have yet to adopt robust video monitoring systems. 

That’s because rich data (video, audio, images) management has typically been a burden not worth bearing in the enterprise. But it’s no longer the hurdle it once was, says Zach Jory, Axon director of marketing, Enterprise.

“Data of all kinds, and particularly video, is much more manageable and digestible today than it was even a few years ago,” Jory says. “Today, it’s easy for businesses to make smarter and safer decisions with video data without having to manage the heavy lifting that used to be required for ingestion, storage and management of that data.” 

Video data use cases

Just consider the benefits of these use cases for video data:

Technician Services - Video data provides clarity into technician operations in the field that can be used for training purposes, to provide proof of completion to customers, and for remote monitoring and auditing.

Logistics - Video makes it easy to keep track of inventory and quickly pinpoint any missing assets.

Pharmaceutical - Connected body cameras can be leveraged for contamination tracing, identifying errors on the manufacturing line and for gathering insight into drug movement through the supply chain.

Mining - Video cameras and alerting capabilities help mining operations monitor security and progress on mine sites. It also makes it easy to keep track of employees and assets and quickly account for any losses. 

Construction - Cameras monitor the security and progress on construction sites, and make it possible to weave together data in a way that provides a complete picture of job sites.

Oil and Gas - Monitoring and surveillance is critical — from the platform all the way to the refinery. Body-worn cameras ensure employees are operating safely and provide a great source of training video.

And that’s just the beginning. 

“I can’t think of many businesses that couldn’t benefit from video data,” Jory says. “The operations challenges it can add clarity and efficiency to are almost limitless.”

Manageable data management

One major advantage of video data is that anyone can interpret it.

“Enterprise data has historically been a mystery. Data scientists and analysts are needed to make enough sense out of it that the business understands how to act on it,” Jory says. “The beauty of video data is that you don’t need a specialist to make sense of what’s going on; it’s full of context and easily understood. Your frontline supervisors — your field managers, supply chain managers, warehouse supervisors — can view a video and act on the information in it right away.”

So why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of video data? Because rich data management is expensive and cumbersome.

Or at least it used to be.

Today, data management is automated, easy and affordable. The cloud makes it more cost effective and efficient to store data since businesses no longer need to house massive amounts of data on premises and can automate the ingestion of that data. And cloud-based solutions, such as the Axon Data Management Platform, can easily be tailored to your organization’s needs without customization fees or patchwork programs.

Axon’s solution

Breaking down data silos in the enterprise, the Axon Data Management Platform makes it simple to manage many types of data, including video, audio, images and documents,  in one easy-to-use interface. With this cloud-based solution, you’ll be able to seamlessly share data across locations or even continents. And features such as auto-tagging, intuitive search and bulk actions make it effortless to categorize, find and share the data you need when you need it.

Try it out

If you’re interested in learning how Axon technology can add certainty, security and efficiency to your business operations, we’re here to help. Contact Axon to learn more about our enterprise offerings